Richie Ramone makes a welcome return to Dublin tomorrow (Tuesday). With Crust Punk band Matrak Attak playing Bohs Bar the following night. This is the ultimate in DIY with the band reaching out for somewhere to play and being helped along by punks in different places. Native, Subordinate and The Assault will be joining the Belgian punks on the night. The following night sees the avant garde and completely diy attack of Mighty Avon Jnr in their rescheduled gig in Wheland while Monica and the Explosion are in Fibbers. Highlight of the weekend for me is Robocobra Quartet in Whelans. Jazz, experimental hardcore noise. What’s not to like. However most of the punks will be enjoying GGI Fest in Kildare which promises to be some weekend

Blue – Olympia, Sep 12
Richie Ramone – Workmans Cellar, Sep 13
Yasmin Williams – Workmans, Sep 13
The Bunny The Bear – Fibbers, Sep 13
Matrak Attak + Native + Subordinate + The Assault – Bohs bar, Sep 14
Oliver Francis – Workmans Vintage Room, Sep 14
Glory Hammer – Academy, Sep 14
Drew lynch – Liberty Hall, Sep 15
The Mighty Avon Junior – Whelans, Sep 15
Monica and The Explosion + The Dead Irish + Sugarplum Suicide + Motion Sickness – Fibbers, Sep 15
Paddy Casey – Button Factory, Sep 15
Altered Line – Sine E, Sep 15
Six Too Late + Glass Tree + Isidore + Line Of Sight – Fibbers Upstairs, Sep 15
Ryan Sheridan – Whelans, Sep 16
Orange Goblin – Grand Social, Sep 16
Sophie Doyle Rider – Workmans Cellar, Sep 16
Sourfruit – Whelans Upstairs, Sep 16
Big Fridge – Sine E, Sep 16
Backseat Drivers – Workmans, Sep 16
Robocobra Quartet – Whelans Upstairs, Sep 17
Lucius – Button Factory, Sep 17
Primordial – Opium, Sep 17
Keg – Whelans, Sep 17
Carrie Baxter – Grand Social, Sep 17
Lucius – Button Factory, Sep 17
She Wants Revenge – Whelans, Sep 17
Common Spit – Sin E, Sep 17
High School – Workmans Cellar, Sep 17
Handsome Family – Liberty Hall, Sep 17
Sammy Copley – Academy 2, Sep 17
Primordial + Mourning Belveth – Opium, Sep 17
Aries- Academy Green Room, Sep 18

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