This Weeks Gigs: Jan 7 – 13

Quiet enough week this week as we get back to whatever normailty should be for 2020. Friday has plenty going on with three punk gigs clashing. At least the Dando Sessions is a late one so if you want to catch Last reserves you will be able to stroll down from Whelans or Bohs and … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs: Jan 7 – 13

Thursday Tunes – Protex

This weeks Thursday tunes come courtesy of Gordie Walker from Protex. 40 years after they releaswed their debut 7" on Good Vibrations Protex are down from Belfast on Friday night for a promising gig with the objectorz, Shrug Life and Blackpitts Wildhearted outsider interviewed the band here last year. Madam George (Van Morrison) Alternative … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – Protex

This weeks gigs: Sept 24 – 30

Hard Working Class Heroes is taking over a couple of venues his week in an attempt to showcase as many of Dublins unsigned to an army of a+r folk. For any of the a+r generation reading this pop along to Annas Anchor album launch in the Underground or Protex in Drop Dead Twice - a … Continue reading This weeks gigs: Sept 24 – 30

Thursday Tunes. Twenty of Another Kind 2 In 1979 the Polydor record label released a compilation album, Twenty of Another Kind, Part 2. In addition to some of the better know acts on Polydor at the time, The Jam, The Cure, Sham 69 and Gary Numan's Tubeway Army, it contained tracks from some of the most interesting acts of Ireland's punk/new … Continue reading Thursday Tunes. Twenty of Another Kind 2

Protex Interview

Protex were one of the great pop-punk bands from Northern Ireland during the first rush of punk/new wave. To me they were just as exciting as the Undertones, SLF, the Outcasts and the brilliant Rudi. Don't get me wrong,I loved those bands, but I loved Protex just as much. I remember my brother buying me … Continue reading Protex Interview

Rebellion 2017 Protex The pioneering punk/new wave bands of Northern Ireland including the Undertones, Stiff Little Fingers and Rudi didn't just write great songs, they wrote great pop songs. Of course we didn't appreciate it at the time but they didn't just write pop songs for the moment, they wrote songs that stood the test of time. … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 Protex

Rebellion 2017 – Day 2

Before every trip to Blackpool I sit down, pore through the lineup and pick out the must see and the nice to see. I have a problem today. 34 bands are on the list. That may not have been an issue for 18 year old self but it is a problem. It will sort itself … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 – Day 2