Album of the Year. Trouble Pilgrims ‘Dark Shadows and Rust’

        Dublin 1976-’77. Bleak, uncompromising and unpromising. The price for looking even a little bit different is getting your head kicked in. Conform, conform, conform was the motto of the time. A motto so ingrained in us that it didn’t have to be spoken out loud. Then came the early angry shouts … Continue reading Album of the Year. Trouble Pilgrims ‘Dark Shadows and Rust’

Pete Holidai Interview

It is important for irish punk to be championed with all the other anniversaries this year. It is 40 years since the release of Ireland's first punk record, on chiswick records, tv tube heart, The radiators from space were our trailblazers back then.  Chiswick imprint Ace records has just re-released that debut album so I … Continue reading Pete Holidai Interview

Trouble Pilgrims – Instant Polaroid

Trouble Pilgrims Instant Polaroid Pilgrim Records Any band that spawns from The Radiators deserves a mention here.  Any band that is supposed to play their classic album, released nearly 40 years and still a classic in many Dublin punks eyes, as part of a set opening for the Boomtown Rats and ditches a song in … Continue reading Trouble Pilgrims – Instant Polaroid