This Weeks Gigs – May 7 -13

Another busy week with the highlight for me being Liberty Hall on Tuesday as a group of punks old and new talk about music as a vehicle for change. We spent a fair bit of time putting this bill together,all under the we shall overcome banner in conjunction with Mayfest. Punk this week comes courtesy of Autonomads on Friday and Discharge on Saturday. Should all that noise prove too muvh then how about the wonderful alternative folk sounds of Anna and Elizabeth, playing twice this week or the big Yuss for repeal night in the grand Social on Wednesday. If you’re still with it on Sunday then Trouble pilgrims are playing with Dave Finegan and Killer Pussies in Drop Dead Twice. Dave’s exploits were legendary as singer of Dublin psychobilly band Shark Bait.

Jeffrey Lewis – Bru House, Newbridge, May 7
Otzeki – Workmans Club, May 8
We Shall Overcome with Joe Solo, Cassandra Fox,  Leigh Arthur (Sissy), Sarah Corcoran (Pillow Queens) – Liberty Hall, May 8
Bedoine – Whelans, May 9
Anna and Elizabeth, Benjamin Lazar Davis – Sugar Club, May 9
David Kitt / Lisa O’Neill / The Jimmy Cake / Landless / Percolator / Carol Keogh / Neev Kennedy (Fig), Paul Butler (The Young Folk) – Grand Social, May 9
Gavin Glass – East Side Tavern, May 10
Sugarplum Suicide, Azul – Dropp Dead Twice, May 10
Music On The Bones, Oh Boland – Drop Dead Twice, may 11
Jack & The Rippers – Thomas House, May 11
Autonomads, Captain Hotknives, Dubtones, SHITHäTT and JobSeekers – Bohs, May 11
Anna & Elizabeth + Benjamin Lazar Davis – Sugar Club May 12
Evan Marien, dana Hawkins – Workmans Club, May 12
Discharge, By Any Means, Deathbus, Deathgrip – Voodoo Lounge, May 12
I’m With Her – Whelans, May 12
Trouble Pilgrims, Dave Finnegan & Killer Pussies – Drop Dead Twice, May 13

Full List of upcoming gigs here

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