Rebellion 2017 – Day 3

Rebellion 2017 Day 3 My introduction to los Fastidios came a few years ago. They had just finished an Irish tour that I missed out on. Their background is in oi music. They proudly proclaim football as an interest but also are anti fascist and animal rights exponents. Sure what's not to like. Sing along … Continue reading Rebellion 2017 – Day 3

Label of the week – Dischord Records

Label of the Week Dischord Records SO what can you say about Dischordrecords? A label that has sold over 5 million items. A label that has influenced so many musicians and bands. A labelthat has brought out consistently good releases since the Teen Idles Minor Disturbance 7". As one of the founders of the … Continue reading Label of the week – Dischord Records

Dischord Latest News

Dischord Records Newsletter: August 2015 OUT NOW · Lungfish "Pass and Stow" Pass and Stow is the third full-length from Baltimore, Maryland's Lungfish. First released in 1994, the record was last pressed to vinyl in 2010. This latest version has been remastered and recut from the source files by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. … Continue reading Dischord Latest News