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The Messthetics
Dischord Records

2 quick albums in sucession for DC based band the messthetics. Their first was a trip to prog city as the three piece improvised their way through a sound distant form the thundering Fugazi rhythms that 2/3s of the band were in previously

This record started out more promising as drums and bass beat out a rhthym that piqued my interest but with no vocals to control a message it was down to Anthony Pirog to prevent the guitar rambling off too much. Of course it would seem to be his mission that they head in many solo directions with barely a chord in sight.

When I saw the band live earlier this year I did manage to get lost in the sound at times but when I found my way out I wanted to get out quick. Experimental I can handle, avant garde is perfect, I can listen to the ex improv all day (or night) long but when it’s guitar tomfoolery I switch off. However every now and then a gem of a riff breaks out and I’m reminded of the potential that is here. Huge potential. My punk rock education was all about power chords, rhythm and a will to change the world, that has evolved over the years but I realise it hasn’t evoled too much when Pirog turns on his guitar pedals and jams

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