Hammered Hulls
Written Words
Dischord Records

3 song debut 7″ from new dc band The Hammered Hulls

Mary Timony (bass) and Alec MacKaye (vocals) grew up in the same Washington neighborhood and have spent the better part of their lives in each other’s somewhat distant orbit. Always aware of each other, but never able to play together. However their history of bands tells a different story – Helium, Autoclave, the make-up, chain and the gang, kid congo, ted leo and the pharmacists, faith, ignition

This is a punk rock supergroup – Chris Wilson, Alec MacKaye, Mary Timony and Mark Cisneros. More importantly it’s a band borne out of mutual respect. Every person in this band is a fan of every other person in this band. To say they are an odd collection of influences is to understate the point.

Their bio says if you tried you couldn’t imagine what this band might sound like, to me though it’s a modern remembrance of those 7″ from the early 90’s that appeared on Simple Machines or even Dischord. three short songs with melody and dissonance

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