The Shorts
Hang Em Flog Em
Suspect Device Records


I have just purchased a 12″ picture frame. One of those that fits a record sleeve perfectly. My 12″ vinyl collection counts to its hundred and I’ve spent some good times trying to decide if there is an alternative to the first record I’ve picked out to go into the frame.

In reality there is no contest. Minor Threat Out of step symbolises so much to me. Ironically The Shorts remind me on Minor Threat with their short sharp songs. Punchy lines and sing along at parts. There are 7 songs but it’s not solely about the music for the Shorts. Their songs are scenes from their lives, be that about Bear Grylls or the UK Government. This a band from our punk rock community for the punk community.

“I Open My Eyes and I see – Inspiration” as if they were singing about themselves


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