Hope show 31 – playlist
1. Theatre of Hate – Do you believe in the Westworld
2. Mice – Jess
3. Middle Ones – O.M.C.
4. Allo Darlin – Silver Dollars
5. Fugazi – Break
6. Deathfix – Dali’s House
7. The Shorts – Bring Me the head of Bear Gryllis
8. Pilger – dissatisfied
9. Geoffrey Oicott – Cricket Bat Out of hell
10. Flies On You – Shipmansesque
11. The Fall – Jam Song
12. Torche – Snakes Are Charmed
13. Good Luck – Contact
14. The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour
15. Dauntless elite – It Takes A Ship To Sail
16. Southport – Kings
17. Glimmermen – Travellin’ Man
18. The Flatliners – July! August! Reno!
19. Black Flag – TV Party

lowdown on tonight’s show

I will never forget when theatre of hate played in mcgonagles in dublin. I looked on with such jealously when my brothers left my home to go out that night. I pleased with them to take me and to my mam to pretend that i was 5 years older and let me go. It was not to be. Do You believe in the westworld is from a greatest hits/best of album and is a great introduction to kirk and his troops.

Im not sure where this mice album has come from. Thats the probelme with downloads. It is a collection of peoples names, I played Jess but it could have just as easily been dan or diane. All I have is the Mice_album. Maybe you know more.

I saw the Middle Ones play with Allo Darlin’ in London a couple of years ago. I was delighted to see their tape release rececntly and it is a joyous adventure. As are Allo Darlin . Silver Dollars is a great song that sums up my attitude to music. “We do it because we love it”

Fugazi need absolutely no introduction. In the week when Minor Threat t-shirts are now on sale in Urban Outfitters and stories are doing the rounds about Ian McKayes worth being $25million (he didn’t accummulate that by not buying Minor Threat t-shirts did he?), it is worthe remembering the legacy Fugazi havbe left on independent music. A hugely important and positive leegacy

Deathfix feature Brendan Cany from Fugazi. It is his new venture and of course it is on Dischord. Dali’s House is 8 minutes long. Imagine that 1 song – 8 minutes.

Thankfully the shorts bring us back to earth with a short sharp 1 minute 2 second ditty from their new 7″ out now on Suspect Device records, followed swiftly by Pilger, The shorts predecessors

Keeping with the short sharp punk is Geoffrey Oicott (Cricket) Bat Out Of Hell is a clever name for a song so why not play it…… In the next few weeks I will have an interview with Aston from Boss Tuneage so no doubt we will talk about geoffreys perceived humour

Flies On You have a new ep out, re-mixes of songs from their album mainly. They did their first gig last week and by all means it was a success

The Fall played McGonagles a week after Theatre of Hate. Who’d have thought they’d be going 30 years later with a new album

Torche are playing Dublin soon . I’m lookiong forward to it,this album kind of reminds me of Seaweed.

I stumbled across Good Luck’s Without Hesitation album a few weeks ago. I was in All ages Records and it said they were ex-weakerthans. That and being on No IDea was a good introduction. I wish I wasn’t two years too late with this album. It’s class. Buy it

Weakerthans are Canadian and have a charm about them. I saw them in manchester a few years ago and they were delightful. Pop songs sung with a conscience, always a hit.

The Dauntless Elite should get more attention than they do. Their two albums have both got great songs. It Takes a ship to sail is from the graft lp.

I love the new Southport album . It is a great accompaniment on the bike journey to work. when there’s no podcasts to fill my head Southern Sould is there to fill the gap. Kings is one of 11 winners on the album

Glimmermen are releasing their new lp next week. if you’re around support them. I won’t be as I will be punking it out at rebellion but if i was close by I would be there for sure. I am very much looking forward to seeing the flatliners there. I will be screaming shouting and wishing the world was a better place.

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