When Worlds Collide 7″
Boss Tuneage


Melodic Hardcore punk from the legends that are HDQ. You may not know the history but HDQ have their roots in 80’s hardcore. There was a time when the highly influential Leatherface were just starting and on their poster were ex HDQ as 3/4’s of them came from the Sunderland 4 piece.

In the age of torrential rain and water charge protests there’s a lot of water flown under that bridge since HDQ released their 2 albums and Leatherface went on to champion and be championed.

A couple of years ago Aston from Boss Tuneage added HDQ to his long list of lost hardcore records that he wished to re-ignite passion with the punk rock community. Boss Tuneage re-released the first two HDQ records as Golly and Dickie from the band got back playing together. I’ve seen them twice since and while the agility is not quite there in such an abundance as previously (their live show was spectaculour due to Golly’s on stage movements.) it is still an entertaining spectacle.

HDQ were based in melodic hardcore, always musical and never afraid to throw a few guitar solos in. 29 years after the release of their first record a 7″ has surfaced. A white marble slab of record with one song on either side. Both songs worthy of an a-side and both with that early energy still shining in abundance.



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