Upcoming Gigs – December 18 -24

It's all about Peter McVerry Trust this week Nurse Diesel features three members of 90s rock dopes Pet Lamb When bastard cancer took Grant Hart last September we were, still are, shocked to lose a hero of ours so young. As massive Husker Du fans we were thinking about his contribution to the Du and … Continue reading Upcoming Gigs – December 18 -24

Dawson, Long Fin Killie Dublin 1992, 1993

Sep 11 1992 Dawson, Long Fin Killie Barnstormers                                                                          Aug 18 1993 Dawson, Long Fin Killie, Pet Lamb Attic When … Continue reading Dawson, Long Fin Killie Dublin 1992, 1993

Babes In Toyland Irish tour 1991

Jul 20 1991 Babes In Toyland, Pet Lamb - Charlie's Jul 22 1991 Babes In Toyland, In Motion - Fox + Pheasant This was the twelfth Saturday afternoon gig of the year in Charlie’s. Southern Studios had been in touch about Babes In Toyland playing. They were going to play Belfast and Cork with THERAPY? … Continue reading Babes In Toyland Irish tour 1991

React Benefits – Dublin 1991

May 23 1991 Ogre, Shred, Stone Pony, Tension - Fox + Pheasant May 30 1991 Grown Ups, Onion Breath, Jam Jar Jail, Pet Lamb - Fox + Pheasant React was 7 issues old and had grown to 2000 copies per month. It was now being printed by Atko-print, Miriam's cousin. He had his own printing … Continue reading React Benefits – Dublin 1991

Alice Donut, Gout, Brawl Dublin 1992

August 30 1992 Alice Donut, Gout, Brawl Barnstormers And so it continued. Bands that had a good name attracted the crowds; unheard-of bands drew much smaller numbers. Few people were willing totake the risk, especially if the band were not American. Alice Donut was both heard of and American so they were bound to get … Continue reading Alice Donut, Gout, Brawl Dublin 1992