The choice
Edith eger was incarcerated and tortured at auschwitz. She was not broken by the threat of annihilation or the horrors she experienced, instead they strengthened her. Her reason for this introduction to horror? Being born a Jew in Hungary.
This book is Edith’s wish to help the reader experience freedom. A bold wish. As a teenager Edith’s mother told her “no-one can take away what’s in your mind”, how she needed those thoughts whilst suffering in concentration camps. This book serves as a reminder of the hell on earth that are concentration camps. No roof over your head, the soil as a mattress and your coat for a blanket. Just the warmth of your thoughts at night. And that’s the best bit.
It is split into four parts,prison, escape, freedom and healing. Maybe you’ve  had situations in life that felt like this process?
How do you know if there’s something that you are holding on to? Eger asks. What a powerful question that could be your barrier to freedom but really we have a choice in life. Accept yourself as you are, human and imperfect. Be responsible for your own happiness, forgive your flaws and reclaim innocence. Easy words to write but when you consider them maybe there is something there. A key to happiness?
Eger has been through the living hell that was Aushcwitz. She was liberated by soldiers and got to the U.S. escaping terror. Once there she had to overcome everyday racism, be that if nationality or religion. She studied and studied.  This is part of her life story and one that really is remarkable. It is a story of tragedy, suffering, hate and joy. Despite the depths of despair there can always be hope.

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