Christy ring
Val Dorgan
Unlike autobiographies this goes straight in for the kill. The opening pages are spent lamenting about the loss of ground hurling to the game.  It’s more a story about the autobiography but provides excellent insights into the introverted excellence that was christy ring. His hurling came at a time of few tv cameras so it is up to the written word to prove his genius. Originally published in 1980 there is also a noticeable difference in the way hurling was played.
Ground hurling was a skill and part of the game that has drifted away. Tackles were a lot different and there was a different form of physicality. Deep down though it was a stick and a ball and the main focus and loyalty was to your club. That is the bloodline of the Gaa. That’s what sets it apart from so many team sports and that for me is the beauty. Christy Ring, for many is the worlds best hurler ever, a man with no equals but someone who felt equal with all his club mates at glen

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