This weeks gigs in Dublin March 26 – April 1

For years Good Friday was one of two days bars closed in Dublin. It was illegal to sell acohol on that day and the link between live music and alcohol really shone through as no gigs would happen on that day. This year the bars are open so bands are taking the opportunity to help venues profit form beer sales as we have a fair bit happening on Friday. Orgasmatron festival is a two day fest finishing on Friday with Peter and the test Tube Babies and Anti Nowhere League bringing their in your face controversial take on punk to town. Chewing on Tinfoil have their very own Good festival with the Winter Passing and Girlfriend in the Workmens Club. Should be a great night

Warsaw Radio – Whelans, march 27
Peter and the test tube Babies, the nilz, the dubtones, shithatt, the jackhammers – Fibbers March 29
Brigid Mae Power, Jim Ghedi – Bello Bar March 29
The Altered Hours – Grand Social, March 29
The Young Dubliners – Workmans Club, March 29
Donum Dei, Ketos, Order Sixty Six, Antidotes – Fibbers, March 30
Gallops, Chancer, Tribal Dance, ASIWYFA DJ Set – Grand Social, March 30
Percolator, Wild Rocket, Hawkbastard & Tuath – Drop Dead Twice, March 30
K Fest with ROE • CINEMA • VULPYNES • JYELLOWL • CATHAL DOWD – Whelans, March 30
Anti Nowhere league, Immaculate Deception, Audible Joes, Jobseekers, Segregates – Fibbers March 30
Chewing On Tinfoil, the Winter Passing, Girlfriend – Workmans Club, March 30
Vulpynes, Batonets, Kiss My Acid – Sin É, March 31
SHITHäTT + CANCRUSHER – Upstairs at Whelans, March 31
Big Thief – Whelans, March 31 + April 1
Alex Lahey – Grand Social, April 1

Full list of upcoming gigs this week and beyond here

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