The new poverty
Stephen armstrong
Verso books

Being verso this isn’t really a story but a statement of facts. Some up facts which are just a magnified version of our own inequality. In 2015 1 and a 1/4 million people were facing destitution. This mean that over 300,000 people faved two or more the following in a single month, sleeping rough, having just one or no meals a day for two or more days, being unable to heat or light their home for five or more days or going without basic toiletries. Over one million people is nearly 2% of the uk population. Facing destitution. In 2016 it was felt that £660 million was lost to housing fraud yet £1.9 billion is owed in tax by wealthy individuals, which gets most media attention?

A topic I hadn’t though much about before with regards poverty is dental hygiene. Those Britain’s who are poorer have, on average, 8 adult teeth fewer than the richer by the time they hit their seventies. Poorer people are resorting to diy dentistry. Another example of haves and have nots


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