It is with shock that we are hearing about the death of the lead singer from Heav Drapes. They played Amsterdam rebellion last weekend and within a couple of days Garry Borland was dead. It weas numbing to read the news. Wild hearted outsider interviewed them here last year after seeing them in Blackpool.

We were due to put up Garry’s songs as part of Thursday tunes recently but sue to personal reasons, they didn’t go up. I had my own bereavement recently, when my Father passed away. it was painful for everyone involved, family, kids and extended family. I loved my Dad, he had a good life but aged 82 his body gave in. It is painful to hear of people been taken while they are young. It just doesn’t seem right.

makes no sense at all

Last words with Garry when asked to pick 5 songs before their recent Dublin gig

5 favourite albums
I only have 3 albums where every single track gives me goosebumps; Never Mind The Bollocks, Damned Damned Damned and [Iggy and the Stooges] Raw Power.
The other 2 would have to be, ummmmm! Ramones 1st and Stooges/Fun House.


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