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I have been listening to Wardruna a bit lately. Theirs is a sound based on feeling. Described as a Norwegian Cult outfit it is a sound of vikings, which gives of a feeling of history when listening. Maybe a New Model Army for Norway, there’s layers to the sound, a bit drone-ish when chanting along but ethereal and invigorating none the less.

They will be touring UK in November, no Irish dates yet


19.11. – Edinburgh, the Queens Hall

21.11. – Manchester – Albert Hall

22.11. – London – O2 Shepherd`s Bush Empire

Wardruna shall be drawing upon their Runaljod trilogy which began with Runaljod – gap var Ginnunga (2009) and continued with Runlajod – Yggdrasil (2013), rounded off with Runaljod – Ragnarok (2016). The series attempts to interpret the twenty-four ancient Nordic runes as music, and its songs have been placed in the TV show Vikings over 40 times.

Their’s is a contemporary sound, but one that is characterised by the use of old and historical instruments like Kraviklyra, taglharpe, goat horns, birchbark lures and more. The vocals range from whispering voices to melodic song and mighty choirs. All performed with sincerity and conviction, all the more powerful when performed live.

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