This Weeks Gigs June 5 – 11

It’s a quiet enough week this week but still a couple of things to keep you going. Big names in music like The Beat, Ty Segall, Ginat Sand and the Polecats. A clash of punk for the punks, Expolited in the voodoo lounge and Headsticks in Fibbers. Both have decent line ups

Ty Segall – Tivoli, June 6
Loma – Whelans, June 7
The Beat – Button Factory June 7
The exploited, paranoid visions, the nilz – voodoo lounge, June 8
Headsticks, I am a carcrash, Brain Donation, The turn – Fibber Magees, June 8
The Polecats – Thomas House, june 8
Giant Sand – Whelans, June 9
A taste of poland with Bass Astral x Igo, Babu Król, Rónán Ó Snodaigh, ABOUT MY FEAR and Aqustica! – Workmans Club, June 10
Oh Joy – Upstairs at Whelans, June 9
The Magic Numbers – Whelans, June 10

Full List of upcoming gigs here

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