The monk who sold his Ferrari
Robin shame
Harper Collins Publishing

A self help book told as a story. Not trying to tell you what you can do to transform your life butnthenstory of Julian and John. Julian has taken a step from his life away from the humdrum of daily living.

He explains to John some tips for a successful life. Success being happiness. Julian explains that the body is a fine tuned machine, you should never be too busy to look after it. You are never too busy driving to get gas for your car he states matter of factly.

There’s so much in this book but it really is straight forward. Give yourself some time for your body, sense nature, be in touch with your surrounding. Spend 5 hours from the 168 in a week to exercise. Spend 1 in touch with nature, spend 2 in peace. Simple eh?

“Knowledge is no longer power it is potential power waiting to be unleashed”. Julian explains to am enthralled John “don’t live your life by the shackles of your schedule” he says. John sits there absorbed. The only way to improve tomorrow is to reflect on what you did today is a broad statement but there is depth to it. So much of this book is worth your attention, and reflection. So many little tips for those of us who feel we are too busy. A little tip, take some time to reflect. Speaking of time 80% of the results from your life come from 20% of your time. Think about how you manage that time

Excellent stuff

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