This weeks Thursday tunes come from Subhumans singer Dick Lucas. They are returning to Dublin to play in the Voodoo Lounge this weekend. It is 34 years since their first visit to Dublin when they played what was called the Youth Expression centre over 4 nights with a cast of thousands. The energy and excitment of those initial gigs was infectious. There was a feeling of intensity in the air during all four nights, wondering if something was going to kick off. I remember the nights so vividly. This was my creed, that night copperfastened it.

Mothers of invention-Brown Shoes Don’t make it:
Frank Zappas band, a crazed song that broke all the normal song structure rules

Sex pistols – No Fun:
minimalist, nihilist and raw, and introduced me to the Stooges

Crass – Banned from the Roxy
opened up actual political reality “and their systems, christ, they’re everywhere, school army church, the corporation deal: a fucked up reality based on fear, a fucking conspiracy to stop you feeling real”- sums it all up right there

Adverts – Bored Teenagers:
first punk song I heard- bored? Teenager? YES! Gimme more of this!

The Bears -On Me just a great catchy song, took me years to find the actual 7″, I’d taped it off John peel, if peel was a song he’d be top of this list!

Couldn’t find the Bears so here’s Paranoid Visions from that Youth Expression Centre gig

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