Hara hotel
A tale of Syrian refugees in Greece
Teresa thornhill
Verso books

In what really is a tragic indie t if how we have not come as a civilization here is another book of harrowing stories from refugee camp. Teresa thornhill was moved by pictures she saw of human suffering. Moved so much that she reached out to try and help. Unsure of what to do she reached out to a group and ended up in Hara hotel. A formerly derelict hotel on the border between GREECE Former republic of Macedonia.

It gives some insight into the recent history of Syria and middle eastern politics. In plain language it tries to give some background into Syria’s current issues and the involvement or backing of numerous countries. As I read it I just keep wondering what the works would look like if countries didn’t try and impose their order on others. What is it that makes a man want to start fires indeed?

This is a beautifully written account of life there. Vividly captured and explained Teresa’s ability to pain the picture using few words is remarkable. It’s almost like a novel, a story of fiction, except it is very much rooted in reality. A tragic tale of hardship, suffering and loss.

It’s hard to imagine the scale of suffering and pain that people, mainly Syrian refugees in their book, have gone through. Dublin, where I live over 1 million people trying to get through it’s crowded streets daily. 1 million people with a purpose complete with their own opportunities and promise. Imagine if 90% of the population were forced to leave, made homeless and with no option but to escape the city, in fear for their lives. Imagine this happening in a rush? Where would they go? Who would help them? Well that’s what appended in Mosul. 900,000 people desperate for some help, some shelter in warmer climes and some heat while the streets were frozen. Some predicament.

All that’s needed is a helping hand. Can you reach out? After hearing some harrowing individual stories in thornhills book there really is no option but to help.


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