“Do you wanna change the world with me tonight”

So the new year reminds us of people past and present. One musical genius I often think about is Dickie Hammond, known for so many musical endeavors. The last songs he recorded were as part of Medictation. Gushing guitars and gruff vocals. Perfect for such a melancholic time. It came out in July 2016 but just in case you missed it here’s the collaboration between members of Leatherface and St Catherines.

“Do you wanna change the world with me tonight” they sing as we think of a different world we lived in.  We still want that world to change and would like some of our departed friends and influencers to be still with us.  This is the perfect memorial to Dickie so as we arise from the gloom we can pay tribute to people like Dickie whose music helped us in many dark days


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