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Jack Nalty: from east wall to the Ebro 

East wall history group

A lovely idea from east wall history group. A small booklet telling important stories of people whose actions demand of our attention. 
Jack Nalty is one of those. A resident of east wall and born into a time in Dublin where revolution was in the air. Talk in Ireland of independence, trade unions and the struggles for Workers to be recognized and recompensed for their work. 

Nalty whole life seemed to be lost in the struggle for working class people. He took up arms against what he saw was an imperialist power, he then saw the worrying rise of fascism throughout Europe and pledged to do what he saw for to remove its threat. Ultimately this meant sacrificing his life in the Spanish civil war as he was part of the large Irish contingent who travelled to fight against Franco. Their battle may have been lost as Franco’s iron grip ruled Spain for 36 years but the memory of that battle lives on and east wall history group will continue to remember those who have valiantly fought for a better world for all in the past. 

Available from Connolly Books , Essex Street , Dublin or contact 

[email protected]

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