The Ex
27 Passports
Ex records

Another classic ex album. How they keep doing it after all this time I do not know. A percussive raging beast with the dual guitars of Terri and Andi competing against each other with Arnold’s guitar licks the steady referee in the middle. Katerina keeps banging our her rhythm regardless of where the others go with their instruments. It makes for a joyous celebration as Arnold’s lyrics speak of a society being homogenized as culture fades.

“Soon all cities will have the same restaurants
Soon all cities will have the same roundabouts
Soon all cities will have the same governments…” he sings and as I walk around my home city of dublin I see the stores of multinationals operating in just another country
“I can foresee its time to leave town” Arnold sings.

As long as I have the music of the ex to accompany me I can be anywhere.

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