Fontaine’s Dc
Partisan records

When chuck d told us not to believe the hype he didn’t have Fontaine’s DC in mind. Thinking about it he didn’t really tell us what to believe though, maybe just him.

Fontaine’s DCs vocalist Grian Chatten isn’t telling us to believe in him. He sings like he could care less. Coming across nonchalantly singing with an accent rooted in Dublin and many references to the Irish capital it came as a big surprise to me that him and all his band mates weren’t born and raised within 1 mile of the Jim Larkin statue in the middle of O Connell st.

If the New York Times are to be believed than Fontaine’s dC discuss Brendan Behan, Patrick kavanagh and James Joyce all day. Literary magicians from a black and white ireland. The city is now cosmopolitan and Fontaine’s dc are at the core of this cosmopolitan metropolis.

If the Irish music glitterati are to be believed than Fontaine’s dc are the next in line to be the next big thing. Jimmy Fallon seems to think so or at least the person who searches for bands for his late show in New York.

Grian is more a modern day lyricist in the vein of Shane McGowan but Fontaine’s DC have no tin whistles or beer trays being hit off band members heads in their songs. theirs is a post punk sound owing more to Gang Of Four than the Pogues. I get the feeling the band could care less about the hype as they just want to play some post punk sounds with a nod to Dublin but I could be wrong. In the meantime I will continue enjoying a record that manages to reflect the grit of the city that I grew up in.

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