Play of the day – Misfortune cookie

Danger from heavy seas

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My listening pile is not quite as large as my to read collection. It is close and I try not to let bands skip the queue.  This was impossible with misfortune cookie. I was so excited when I heard of this records impending release. I pre-ordered and even remembered doing so as I waited and waited for it’s appearance. 

You see people need to appreciate history. I don’t know the people on misfortune cookie. They have been in loads of bands that I know alright. They’ve played on loads of records in my collection but i feel its just like my mates bringing out a record. How does music do that? I don’t have the answer but I do know that when a band is rooted in community and when you, the listener, feels part of that community well then we really are all in it together. 

10 songs in this record. 5 a side and what gems they are. It was well worth the wait, well worth the excitement and anticipation.  When the needle hit the record the smile on my face was as broad as the album sleeve. I wear my sleeve close to my head and my heart is bursting for these. 

The melodies and stop start rhythms win me over straight away. Lemuria mixed with leather face. Pure brilliance

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