It’s a week for those interested in the more metal sound of punk / hardcore, with Agnostic Front bringing their street core sing along noise to the Voodoo. They are proud New Yorkers with a strong history including one of violence during a time when violence at gigs was par for the course.

For those of us who spend so much of our time reminiscing about those violent grey days there’s a tribute to Skinny in the grand Social on Saturday. Skinny was a bass player for Paranoid Visions and during the bands early tape releases and times of excitement in the Dublin scene his smiling face was a feature at many gigs. i remember his fanzine as if it was yesterday when I got a copy off him, Skunge Drinkers from Hell. Like many Skinny left his home country to travel and live in London and his world opened up to more music. I miss him.

This weeks Dublin Gigs

CHARLIE CUNNINGHAM – Button Factory, Nov 12
Jessica Pratt – Sugar Club, Nov 12
Pharoah Monche – Button Factory, Nov 13
CASKRÉ, DAVID KITT (modular & guitar set), SUNKEN FOAL, KARLA HEALION and DEASY (djs) – Sound House, Nov 13
ALL TVVINS – Whelans, Nov 12 – 14
DE STAAT – Academy Green Room, Nov 13
Aidan Greene – Whelans Upstairs, Nov 13
Agnostic Front – Voodoo, Nov 13
Gary O Nuallain – Grand Social, Nov 14
Shrug Life, Naoise Roo – Yamamori Tengu, Nov 14
She Drew The Gun – Soundhouse, Nov 14
LACUNA COIL – Academy, Nov 14
SHE DREW THE GUN – Sound House, Nov 14
The Howl and The Hum – Workmans Club, Nov 14
Not I, Stupid Son – Workmans (late), nov 14
Gemma Dunleavy, Abbacaxi, Sebastian Plano – Bello Bar, Nov 14
Strange Attractor – Grand Social, Nov 15 (Midnight)
Thumper – Grand Social, Nov 15
ORLA GARTLAND – Whelans, Nov 15
Gypsies on the Autobahn – Button Factory, Nov 15
CAROLINE SPENCE – Workmans Club, Nov 15
Jaxson – Whelans Upstairs, Nov 15
Thumper – Grand Social, Nov 15
THANKS BROTHER – Whelans, Nov 16
Loud Motive, Caleb Kunle, Farah Elle, Tolu Makay – Bello Bar, Nov 16
JOSEPH – Workmans Club, Nov 16
Slow Readers Club – Button Factory, Nov 16
Emily, Donal Quinn – Underground, Nov 16
THE WOOD BURNING SAVAGES – Whelans Upstairs, Nov 16
Emily 7 – Underground, Nov 16
Coitus, Dread Messiah, Senzer, Chem-trails – Grand Social, Nov 16
TOM RUSSELL – Whelans, Nov 17
Shookrah – Bello Bar, Nov 17
Lugosi, Reverend Mongo Jones Coat Hanger Solution, Restive nation – Wild Duck, Nov 17

A Full list of upcoming gigs here

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