Books 2019
So the challenge was a book a week and despite a flying start reality kicked in (and the fact that I started studying) and I slowed down towards the end of the year. I nearly reached the 40 mark and hopefully 2020 will see that level being reached. This year was a good mix of history, sport, punk rock, politics and fiction. Just like any good nights conversation 🙂

1) 33 1/3In in the kill taker – Ronan Givony, Bloomsbury
2) Jack Nalty – East wall history group
3) Coaching children in sport Carver method – Paul kilgannon
4) Fucked up reader – Bryan Ray turcotte, Ginkgo press
5) A keeper – Graham Norton, Hodden and Stoughton
6) The best is yet to come – Alan O’mara, Hachette books
7) Revolutionary Threads Rastafarian, Social Justice, And Cooperative economics – Bobby Sullivan, Akashic Press
8) the view from flyover country, Dispatches from the forgotten America – Sarah Kendzior Flatiron Books
9) Europe’s Fault Lines, Racism and the rise of the right – Liz fekete, Verso Books
10) Hard-Core’ Life of my own – Harley Flanagan, Feral house publishing
11) Lights in the distance, Exile and refuge at the borders of Europe – Daniel trilling, Verso books
12) 5 steps to a winning mindset, What sport can teach us about great leadership – Damian Hughes, Pan MacMillan
13) Ragged Trousered philanthropist – Robert tressell, Wordsworth classic
14) We never Learn: The gunk punk Undergut 1988-2001, Eric Davidson
15) Heavy metal in Baghdad, The story of acrassicauda – Andy capper and Gabi Sifre, Simon and schuster books
16) the first Sunday in September – Tadhg Coakley, Mercier press
17) The Sellout, A novel – Paul Beatty, Picador publishing
18) all ages – A reflection in straight edge
19) a year with the dubs – Daire Whelan, Gill and Macmillan
20) the primal scream – Nick blinko, Pm press
21) chronicles on our troubled times – Thomas Piketty, Penguin books
22) Another Brooklyn – Jacqueline Woodson, Harper Collins
23) 10% happier, How I tamed the voice in my head – Dan Harris, Harper Collins
24) My name is Lucy Barton – Elizabeth strong
25) An ireland worth fighting for, Towards a New Democratic programme – Tom Healy, New island
26) Notes from a nervous planet – Matt haig
27) Office Girl – Joe Meno, Akashi Books
28)The Brave Athlete – Calm the fxxk down
29) Burning down George Orwell’s House – Andrew Ervin
30) Al Burian – No apocalypse, microcosm books
31) hunger makes me a modern girl – A memoir – Carrie Brownstein, Riverhead books
32) Radical Hope: Letters of love and dissent in dangerous times – Carolina DeRoberts, Vintage books
33) My Riot: Agnostics Front, Grit, Guts and glory – Roger Miret with Jon Wiederhorn, Post hill press
34) Soap the stamps, jump the tube – A story of punk, motorbikes, witchcraft, sandwiches, squats and sewing – Gail Thibert, Unbound books 
35) 33 1/3: double nickels in the dime – Michael t. Fournier, Bloomsbury press
36) There is no planet B – Mike Berners Lee, Cambridge university press
37) Music Love Drugs War – Geraldine Quigley, Penguin Books

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