Head in threatening Attitude
Boss Tuneage

Sometimes you want to just lock the door, close the curtains put on a record, turn the volume up full and let the noise envelope you. Sometimes the world makes no sense, we see the world dying yet deny it in places. We see a way out and yet ignore it on many occassions.

When you go around your house turning out the lights trying to conserve energy yet see all the energy wasted around you then put on Natterers.

When you see the hatred people spew and realise that love can be the answer but the question isn’t even being asked – then put on Natterers.

When you see people living on the streets outside empty buildings that can’t just have their doors left open then put on Natterers

When you see people starving yet food being thrown out to waste then put on Natterers

When you see people in poverty and finding themselves in situations where their solution is to sit on cold streets and seek comfort in others kindness then put on Natterers.

When you look on in disbelief as you see people feeling superior due to their race, creed or sex then put on Natterers

They won’t solve any of these issues but at least you can find comfort knowing thier Dead Kennedys style riffs are being accompanied by words that will help you fiond solace in all of the above.

Love this record.


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