Boss Tuneage / Little rocket / Brassneck / SBAM

In the true spirit of punk rock collegiality Spoilers didn’t allow a chase for their signature to win out for this record. That may yet happen but in the meantime 4 little labels have pooled their resources together to help this release see the light of day. and that is part of the beauty of diy punk rock. Labels aren’t battling each other for sales, they are working to help their friends in the community.

Spoilers are very much part of this community. Their bio tells us more than I can say “With catchy vocal melodies mixed with riffs that are just as at home now as they would be in the early Snuff period, all played with an energy that rivals China Drum and Gorilla Biscuits.” That sums the music up, pop punk tunes that take a twist every now and then to a harder hardcore sound with Dan squeezing those words out of his mouth.

i interviewed them after hearing their stay afloat album and seeing them live. Their songs a re still moving and while they have managed to stay afloat they are now on the road travelling roundabouts. Spoilers aren’t a band looking to the past “A trip down memory lane is not where i want to be right now” they tunefully proclaim in ‘The Same again’. This is very much a record for now. One for you to bounce around the room to and be glad we have such a community to be in.


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