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Jan 4 2020

  1. SE Rogie – Recipe for true and lasting happiness
  2. Jeff Rosenstock – USA
  3. Pardon Us – It’s a Phil Ochs Kind of Day
  4. Spookyland – Nowhereland
  5. Hooligan – Punk Rock’n’Roll
  6. Chewing On Tinfoil – Marrowbone Lane
  7. GRIT – Diamond
  8. Menace – Too Many Punks Are Dead
  9. Neutrals – Missing Records
  10. Neutrals – Swiss
  11. Kleenex – Hedis Head
  12. Cornershop – No Rock Save In Roll
  13. Werecats – Builder
  14. The Pukes – One In A Million
  15. C*nts – A Hero’s Welcome
  16. Omega Tribe – Freedom Peace and Unity

I’m starting the first show of 2020 with the sweet sounds of SE Rogie and the recipe for true and lasting happiness. “Tell your troubles to go hell”

Jeff Rosenstock live is one of life’s good experiences, everyone sings along smiles and looks after each other. Another way to true happiness for an hour.

Pardon Us new record is getting a lot of attention lately and rightly so. Songs of real life where things aren’t always sweetness and light but when you have people to talk to it’s always good.

Parts of Australia are covered in a smokey haze at the moment it is hard to comprehend how people can go about every day life. Like Smog in Dublin in the 80’s or the big smog in other cities people just get on with things. It is terrifying when you think of the etend of the fires raging in these areas. Spookyland from Oz capture a mood alright, maybe it helps capture the desolation.

Hooligan have a new record out. Self-released and DIY these street punks remember the days of the danedlion market in Dublin and sing about those punk streets, Punk Rock’n’roll is all you need in an SLF style

Chewing on Tinfoil. They are playing a sold out gig in Whelan’s on Frday, their second sell out gig in the Capital in a couple of months Marrowbone Lane is their homage to that street in Dublin. They keep plodding away in the underbelly of Irelands diy / punk scene

As do GRIT. They are a modern day Oi band, with sing along heartfelt songs. They are playing in Dublin next Friday with Riixe and Surge. I played them on the show last week but no harm in a different tune this week. Jollars were due to ply the gig but can’t due to the loss of one of their members. The punk scene in Ireland lost a good spirit in Bob Kavanagh

In tribute to all the great work and to many others who we lost over the past 12 months I’ve played Menace – Too Many Punks Are Dead.

One of the best presents I got at Christmas was the Neutrals album, Kebab Disco. i’ve played 2 songs tonight and could have just used my show to play the whole thing. It’s a post punk collection of shart sharp shock songs, an acerbic attack on your senses with strong vocals from punk legend Allan McNaughton.

As they mention Kleenex in their song Swiss I’ve added Kleenex on to the playlist tonight from the best of rough Trade compilation

Cornershop played Dublin’s Anarchy Night Cafe before their “brimful of asha” ep came out. It was indeed an anarchic night and with a new record out now it is well worth remembering that time the band graced what is now Fibbers and played an unassuming set in the chaos of the night.

Werecats new record is a lovely collection of pop punk tracks.

The pukes brought out an album in the latter half of 2019. The band are moving from a ukelele punk orchestra doing covers to a ukelele punk band playing a mix of tracks. I’m sure it makes for a more interesting experience for what is now a 5-piece unit.

I finish off with C*nts whose record is out now on ipepac and Omega Tribe whose Freedom Peace and Unity is what it’s all about encapsulates my wish for 2020

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