So Billie Joe from Green Day has reduced a new video to cheer us all up in these times when we need cheering up. It’s a cover of I Think We’re Alone Now. Check it out here

I never knew (hadn’t thought about it too much to be honest with you) was originally released by Tommy James and the Shondells.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought Tiffany was the creator of the song

The first time I really paid attention to it though was seeing Snuff playing it live. The energy, the rawness and the life in that band live was something else

When I heard Snuff singing it I traced the songs roots back and pre-internet and really caring I got a Rubinoos album that had it on it. I thought it was their song until I read about Billie Joe releasing it this week.

So to sum up – We are not alone but it’s a nice song, no matter what version you hear. Snuff still win out for me though, hands down

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