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So three friends, get together and form a band. Nothing unusual in that you may say. But when the reason is solesly to play a Festival in Florida (and you live in manchester) well ten things get interesting. The Fest is an annual event in Gainesville that brings punks from all over the world to the Sunny State to sing and procaliam at the top of their voices (and no doubt do some other things too).

So Aerial Salad formed, recorded some songs, released a great debut album and then got to play to the fest. Job done you may say. However the appearance didn’t go down as well as they hoped as it was one disaster after another so the band have new targets to set. For now it is the relase of their secodn album which continues in the vein of that debut. The three friends are growing up (well getting older anyway) and these songs are a reflection of the world they are growing up in. Soaring punk rock, less speed and more anthemic the songs are all spat out by Jamie with venom and passion.

When I saw them play I was struck by the camaraderie on stage, how it really did seem like mates getting up and playing some songs. It also seemed like everyone n the audience was in their circle of friends. One big happy gathering trying to find their way in the world. And playing some soaring punk rock along the way


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