Hope Show 137 – available here

Hope Show 137 – the playlist

  1. Wedding Present – Everyone thinks he looks Daft
  2. Wat Tyler – Babylons Burning
  3. Dropkick Murphys – Which Side Are You On
  4. Abrazos – Not My Hero
  5. Aerial Salad – Temp
  6. The Lovely Eggs – I Shouldn’t Have Said That
  7. Supermilk – Agony Anne
  8. Savages – I Am Here
  9. King Buzzo – Science in Modern America
  10. King Champion Sounds – What Amanda Meant
  11. The CCs – I Can’t Get Off My Bed
  12. Throwing Stuff – What Makes you think Paper was valuable
  13. Drop This – Smoke me a UKipper (I’ll Be Back For Breakfast)
  14. Nosebleed – What Ya Gonna Do
  15. Simon Wells – Martin
  16. Rebecca Radical – Here’s to the Council House Warriors
  17. The Men They Couldn’t Hang – Hardworking People
  18. The Joy Formidable – The Greatest Light is the greatest shade
  19. Insurgence DC – Poison Profits

Hope Show 137 – The Lowdown

I’m starting off tonights show with the almighty Wedding Present. Being stuck at home has made me think of many great gigs I was at and many great bands I have seen live and the Wedding Present are on that list. Sure Punk rock is the sound that gets me going but the spirit and enthusiasm that the Wedding Present invoke is punk rock to me. I love them. I’ve seen them twice in the past 18 months and they stuill are great live.

Wat Tyler always provided an entertaining show. These uk punks are almost legendary and here they are covering a version of real legendary punks The Ruts, Babylons Burning – maybe it is eh?

I’ve been meaning to play Dropkick Murphys since my show over St Patricks Day weekend but always seem to run out of time, I vowed to make sure they got an airing today. Their version of Pete Seeger’s Which Side Are You On leaves me in no doubt knowing they are most definitely on my side, which I hope is yours too

Abrazos are an old school fast punk hardcore band from the UK. Blistering and deadly

Aerial Salad have a new record out this week. It got play of the day on the blog this week. Mid tempo snotty punky songs spitted out with venom,

The Lovely Eggs were due over in Dublin in May. They released their new album, I Am Moron yesterday and in anticipation of it being delivered to my door as I will buy it when the next paycheck comes in This Is Eggland is a pretty good

Supermilk’s new record, Death Is the Best Thing for You Now is Out now on Keroleen Records. It’s a lovely collection of diy pop

Savages brought out a great album Silence Yourself in 2013 on Matador records, home of SUperchunk. I love it for the notes on the cd “Don’t Let The Fuckers Get You Down”.

King Buzzo was in the Melvins and his second solo album, Gift of Sacrifice, is coming out next month on Ipecac Records. Well it’s not strictly solo as it’s a collaboration with Trevor Dunn from Mr Bungle.

King Champion Sounds are based in Amsterdam and have been played ere before. They’ve a couple of albums of psychadelic grooviness that ebbs and flows along wonderfully. My mate plays guitar in them and GW Sok formerly of the EX is the lead singer which makes me even happier to play them.

The CCs record is full of Ramones-esque fresh sounding ppo punk from Japan. Tunes Galore in their 10 song What A Coincidence album

Throwing Stuff from Manchester like having fun and playing fast. Fine by me.

Nosebleed are hardcore punk band from Richmond Virginia with a huge powerful sound.

Simon Wells was in Snuff. No more neds to be said. He’s been in loads of other bands and his solo album which came out a couple of years ago is criminally underrated. Full of stripped down class tunes, this is one of them

I played Rebecca Radical and enjoyed it so much I’m playing a different song now

The Men They Couldn’t Hang have been folking and punking since the 80’s. This is from their 2014 album, The Defiant

The Joy Formidable from Wales have a great post punk shoegaze sound. They’ve been around since 2007 and this is from last years A Baloon Called Moaning relase

Insurgence DC released a record after 20 years in the wilderness on Crooked Beat Records. Its a heavy dose of the Clash with sprinkling of the minutemen. All in all, pretty cool


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