Play Of The Day
T Gowdy
Therapy With Colour
Constellation Records

How many times have you heard the phrase we are living in unprecedented times lately? I know it’s a constant to my ears. I also know that because of these times te only thing I can seem to concentrate on is twitter feed, news programmes and chats with my family. I’m glad of the chats which have uplifted my soul at times when it seems like grey clouds are all that’s ahead. The conversations break through these clouds and help see the change that will come.

Music does help but bizarrely enough, after years of avoiding music with keyboards and no uplifting chorus I find myself listening to and enjoying T Gowdy. This is the third record the Canadia has brought out and it really is a soundscape. It’s like travelling through wherever you wish to be and realising it can be done together. The 5 songs flow through here and could well be your daily meditation or ones to accompany that night time cup of tea.

it’s therapeutic – go on try it. The record is physically out on May 8 but is available for download now


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