the anarchist detective

A fresh killing awakens the dead

Jason Webster

Chatto Windus

One constant In the many sports team’s I have played for is the phrase “get your retaliation in first”. It allows everything to come out in the open and if a game is going to have niggle and fouls well then why wait til the last few minutes for it to reach a crescendo. 

It’s also a phrase I have never really acted on. It’s not really my scene, hitting someone for the sake of it. It’s my pacifist streak.

I picked this book purely for the title. Anything with anarchist and words that can be understood on first reading is good for me. Yep, this is a crime novel. Yep, there are twists and turns and yep the ending is good. How they get there is worth your time which is the most important part.  Part of the Max Camara series that Jason Webster has been cleverly putting together.


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