Sinéad Gleeson

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Like all humans The author has been through a lot In her existence so far. However unlike many humans her lot has involved a lot of medical professionals and pain. “I’m not going to die, I’m going to write a book” a young Sinead exclaimed to her mam at a young age after being diagnosed with Leukaemia. That strength of mind and determination has resulted in this wonderful piece of art. 

Gleeson wonders “Why is their a distinction in reverence based on who the teller is?” Whilst ruminating on the patriarchal society? I wish I knew the answer to that one but gender unfortunately still has a huge say in the path and direction people take, or are expected to take. 
In a society where women have been turned into letters a book that in some of its pages demands equality or discusses pain is seen as a feminist piece of work. I view it as necessary, and dream of an equal world where the work of feminists is complete. 

There is something in the words here that really speaks to me. A middle aged man who has viewed the wider events spoken about here and has celebrated the victories of empowerment for women. Also some of the more personal tales of suffering. There is talk of illness as a youth and older people with dementia that could come from my diaries. Pages I can relate to growing up a world I know. And yet it is only a fraction of what women have grown up with in Ireland. 

Get it for anyone and everyone this Christmas


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