On Fire

The burning Case for a green new deal

Naomi Klein

Penguin books

For over 2 decades Naomi Klein has been spilling the beans on a world about to burst. Whether that is through capitalism and multinational corporations or how shareholders and capital can dictate things Kleins writing has been some of the most insightful I’ve come across.

In her latest book she makes the case for a green new deal. Like Roosevelt after world war 2 saw a new deal for Americans some global thinkers think it’s time for a new way of thinking. This time we have a planet to save, not rebuild. The science is clear, whether after environmental disasters like oil spills or not. The works is heading for ruin unless we reduce the climate. How do we do this? Less reliance on fossil fuels and less eating meat. 

It should be so simple but capital will have it’s say. Can we tinker around the edges and shave off bits and pieces to reduce the warming of the earth or do we need systematic change. Klein argues for the latter and it’s hard to argue. This is the system that has caused the problem, how can we expect it to be the solution??

Most people driven to read this book are already pretty familiar with the issues. I bought the book at Naomi’s appearance at her Irish Literature Festival appearance where she spoke to a captive audience in the National Stadium. We all hung on every word and applauded at the right statements. It’s not going to bring about the change but as individuals we are part of the audience and that audience can grow. I guess we have to believe that to keep doing the right thing 


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