The Tuts

Update Your Brain

Dovetown Records

Heavenly have just released a compilation on Damaged Goods, if they had of kept playing since the 90s they may have turned into the Tuts. 

The pop sensibilities of Heavenly but with an edgier sound that funks out at times. The Tuts 12 songs here are all statements of freedom. Whether that freedom is from a strangled relationship or from being ignored in a patriarchal music industry or just a statement on the politics of the day it is all done with a smile and a tune. 

I love the fact that we can sing along while empowering people, such a good influence for people as they ask, almost plea “Give Us Something Worth Voting For”. 

It is tunes galore here in this album released in 2016. It’s getting play of the day as it would be a shame if you like pop tunes with an edge and you missed out first time around. 


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