Captain Jesus
Colette Snowden
Blue moose books

Misfortune just follows some people around. It has been said that in sport some people or teams make their own luck. If you do something enough times then you may get “lucky”. Or the team on the defensive don’t seem to get the luck. I often wonder is that the case in life too as I know I have asked many times “how come bad things happen to good people”.

Of course life isn’t simplistic and things can happen to anyone depending on circumstances. Sometimes those circumstances are laid out for us.

In Captain Jesus, Snowden tells a story through the eyes of a child. This story involves a life that seems to have little luck. Featuring families where the fates seem to just go against them, all the time. Each chapter alternates between families, back and forth like a tennis’s game. It is written in such a thrilling way that it has you wanting to skip a chapter to find out what happens next but you don’t want to miss out on either story. All throughout Snowden captures your imagination and writes in a way that screams “Tell me more”.

It’s a story of loss and how we cope with it as we journey through life. Religion is touched on and some people use that to help them get through their loss, others see it as a burden and a weight that needs to be removed.

Captain Jesus is now available for pre-order direct from Bluemoose books – support your indie book publishers

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