The Imbeciles
Dissolution Sessions
Imbeciles Records

6 tracks of fuzzy punk rock . Straight out of the garage and back again and via some terrace chanting for those of us missing our sporting occassions.

The 6 songs are a journey in themselves. Let me take you there

It kicks off with the fuzzed up snarl of yes I Am, a trip through the back garages of may 70’s bands and then stumbles onto a Sunday leaguer Mix collection. This sees the band move from the garage to go a football match in London hanging out with the Skids. Medicine then almost moves their sound Devo-esque – a funkier sound as they traipse around the empty streets of whatever pandemic filled town you are in. Decider takes a meaner riff journey – maybe the darkness is descenind on the day.

Sad case and One Man Band sees the band travel back into the garage, turn the lights on and crank up the volume. Sad case is a monologue set to music interspersed with a chorus while there is almost a power pop feeling at the finish. Yeah it’s a journey with lots of nods to late 70’s new wave but wrapped up in a clever package

This is a follow up ep from their debut album released last year. Probably best summed up as art/punk rock with garage roots


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