We were so delighted when our book came back from the printers. As it was self published we had some fear and trepidation as we were unsure what people would say. This has been a precious item for us. The best part of a year went into putting it all together. A lot of time was spent agonising over it all, and now we were waiting to hear what those we trusted had to say

Louder Than War

Basically this is brilliant


This site means a lot to us. I remember when John Rob was starting it all off. It was a zine for the 21st Century, a proclamation of all that is good in music.

Dublin Gazette

Despite its reputation as an abrasive style of music, punk has a long history of backing up its broadly socially conscious worldview with community-led charitable actions.


It’s all fine to have a punk rock music site proclaiming a book full of punks writing about gigs to say it’s good but what about those closer to home. As Dubliners it is important to us that local print media got involved. Dublin Gazette were very quick to respond to our plea.

Irish Examiner

A treasure trove for music fans


There’s quite a few musicians from Cork included in the book and these contributors got a lovely write up in the Irish Examiner, although Cork based it is a national daily paper.


What with Christmas around the corner you could do no better than leaving this under the tree for any music fans you know and help out a good cause in the bargain.


Golden Plec is a music site based in Ireland – their review came out just before Christmas which reminded people of a handy Christmas present they could send.


New Book is an eyewitness to punk history


Alan Corr from RTE asked us a few questions, we hoped it was for Arena as that’s a radio show we enjoy but it went up on RTE (National Broadcaster) website. It was on the main page for a few hours and really helped with sales of the first addition

Adverse Effects

If you grew up with punk, simply still listen to some of those old records or continue to feel inspired by it, then this is an ideal way of supporting a great cause.


Adverse Effects wrote a really indepth review. I was blown away by the level of detail Richard went into. Again, this was a peer reveiw – gold to us

Vive Le Rock

A fine, often touching, moving selection of music writing

Ian Canty, Vive le Rock Magazine

Vive le rock had written about the book online in November but the latest issue gives it a glowing 8 out of 10 review

Morning Star

Truly ‘making it’ means living up to the ideals of punk DIY culture for me and many others


Of all the reviews and good intentions we have received this one stands out for me. First the review was written by Attila The Stockbroker. Atilla is in the book but know he read the whole thing and took time out to write about it just blew me away. Also the morning star is a daily printed newspaper which I feel is so important. I have been called an eco warrior in the past, my recycling days started in the 80’s and my diet is sustainable since Flux of Pink Indians sang about it but I feel newsprint still has a part to play. We need to ensure that truth wins out and print is part of that. When it’s a paper like the Morning Star that doesn’t exist to profit itself or advertisers I am all the happier. This had a perfect mix of the two and they said our book was brilliant.

New noise Magazine

Harnesses the power of musical memories to Fight the Pandemic


Genn Hanley from Online Canadian Music Magazine interviewed myself and Brendan Canty from Fugazi about the book.

from New Noise Magazine – photographer – Ellen McGuirk

Radio Interviews

We were honoured to speak about the book on a couple of radio shows


A music nerds goldmine


Community is a re-occuring theme for us so when COmmunity Radio stations are happy to ask questions we are more than happy to answer them. As a native of Dublin’s Northside Niall appeared on Near FM and Michael and Niall spoke to Pete Holidai on Dublin South FM

Dublin South Fm –

A day after we did our first Webinar about the book Pete Holidai got us together to talk academics, punk rock and our plans. The nerves were full on as Pete was asking us questions. I was just thinking “what have I done to deserve the guitarist from the Radiators asking me questions. So happy to be part of this

Dan Hegarty 2fM

We had a lovely chat with Dan about Hope, Punk rock and music. I had to take a break from hurling, sit in the car and chat. 15 minutes later, I stepped out, composed myself and went back to training. A wierd evening alright


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