It is hard to be excited about forthcoming gigs knowing that you have a pocket of tickets for missed ones. This weekend I could have been going to see Wonk Unit in Dublin, instead I hold my ticked in anticipation for their re-scheduled date in 12 months. I stoppped buying tickets a while ago as I have too many. it was a habit I had only recently acquired after missing oo many nights out due to not getting round to buying a ticket I decided I would support ventures more. Now that didn’t work out too well.

Anyway there’s more important things to worry about like will The Armed get to play their gig in Whelan’s on Octboer 11? I hope so. The band have an album, Ultrapop, out in April on Sargent House records and there’s a teaser below.

8 people all coming together to create a joyful riotous pop mess. In the bands words “ULTRAPOP seeks, in earnest, to create a truly new listener experience. It is an open rebellion against the culture of expectation in “heavy” music. It is a joyous, genderless, post-nihilist, anti-punk, razor-focused take on creating the most intense listener experience possible. It’s the harshest, most beautiful, most hideous thing we could make. “ I am really looking forward to the album and have fingers crossed we will all be able to travel to gigs in peace come Autumn time


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