Hope Show 145

  1. Dealing With Damage – Stop Everything
  2. Leatherface – Never Say Goodbye
  3. Muncie Girls – Take steps
  4. AJJ – Loudmouth
  5. Sleaford Mods – Jobseeker
  6. Youth Avoiders – Vows and Vultures
  7. Abrazos – Armchair Racism
  8. Airstream Futures – Cemetary Sparrow
  9. Sons of SOuthern Ulster – New Day Rises
  10. Jeff Rosenstock – Leave IN the Sun
  11. Coriky – Clean Kill
  12. Amyl and the sniffers – I’m not a Loser
  13. Incisions – War In Your Head
  14. Hedge Schools – April 10
  15. The Atrix – Treasure on the Wasteland
  16. Chewing on Tinfoil – Just Like Me
  17. THe Winter Passing w/ Stu Daly – Melt
  18. The lovely Eggs – You’ve Got the Ball
  19. Natterers – Dead Men Can’t Cat call

I’ve been struggling trying to find inspiration to do this show in recent months. It’s been a dictionary of quarantine and lockdowns as I looked at my family slowly being beaten and downtrodden. Of course I’m taking some poetic licence and choosing words drastically but it does feel like we’ve been pissing against the wind. The ashes of loved ones are being spread into the breeze as they cling on to us. We can’t let this continue so we are back – a book has been produced in the interim though, so it hasn’t been all doom and gloom

Two stormers kicking off proceedings tonight. Dealing with damage from last years Ask the Questions album and Stop Everything and then the inimitable Leatherface with the amazing Never Say Goodbye

Specialist Subject is one of the great labels going at the moment. They released a compilation last year and Muncie Girls and AJJ were on that.

Sleaford Mods brought out a record last year too. Some sort of compilation. I find it hard to keep up with all their releases but after loudmouth by AJJ i thought you might like to hear Jobseeker

Youth Avoiders from France brought out an album in 2018 called Relentless. This is a blast from that record

Abrazos are a diy punk band and one of over 100 features in Ian Glaspers latest Book, trapped in a scene. Armchair Racism sums up many countries at the moment even if it’s pointing at what the band view as closed mindedness in the UK

Airstream Futures know how to write catchy tunes. All the way from North America,

Sons of Southern Ulster from Cavan released their Sinners and Lost Souls album last year It has just been issued on vinyl if that’s more your thing. i got the cd and I’m happy. 11 tracks with poignant lyrics spoke with feeling about growing up in Ireland. Intriguing album.

Looking back on it 2020 was a great year for Records. Jeff Rosenstock released No Dream, a collaboration with many labels including Specialist Subject IN Uk

Another greatly overlooked album was Coriky’s s/t release on Dischord. Maybe if the band could tour more wwe would be paying more attention to this release. Either way I still love it.

Amyl and the Sniffers – I’m Not a Loser is a blast of snotty in your face opinionated couldn’t care less punk rock

Incisions record is a blast of punk rock from 2018. Can’t believe it’s that long ago but the internet tells me so it must be true

Hedge Schools slow it down with the beautiful April 10 from the magnificent birds album

The Atrix were one of the original Dublin punk bands – a compilation was released last year but this is probably their best know track. treasure On the wasteland is just that a treasure from the time when Dublin was a wasteland

The last band I saw live were Chewing On Tinfoil. I was so looking forward to the Easter gig last year but it will happen. They are a joy to watch, each gig is a party and everyone is there to look after each other

The Winter Passing‘s record came out last year and this song sees Stu Daly from Chewing on Tinfoil guesting on vocals. Another great record

The Lovely Eggs from Liverpool were due over last year (another band I think i still have a ticket to). Their i am Moron record is out on their own label A real catcher.

The natterers self titled album is a real explosion based in US West Coast Hardcore but coming from the UK. Another band featured in Ian’s book, get that book if you can, a real history lesson.

Thanks for listening
Up the punks

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