A statement from Lambrini Girls

Hello we are Lambrini Girls and have a new video called Boys IN the Band. trigger Warning this song is about abuse in the music scene. The reason we have a problem with abusers in our scene is that people don't call out their mates. if you don't call out your mates it perpetuates their … Continue reading A statement from Lambrini Girls

Play of the day is Me not T rex

Giant ElkMe RexBig Scary Monsters It's a bit folk, a bit indie and a bit post rock. ME Rex have just released a new 11 track album. Slow Worm opens it all up with an acoustic introduction but before long Infinity Worm pops it back into shape. Nice harmonies and plenty of lo-fi promise. Me … Continue reading Play of the day is Me not T rex

Play of the Day – Lemuria

Play of the day - lemuria Recreational Hate Big Scary Monsters /Asian Man records / turbo worldwide  A pure blast of sensible pop music. This is what pop music should be.   No need for any more words, have a listen for yourself