High Dive
new Teeth
Yo-yo records

“Try to build a world that works a little better than it used to”

It’s almost 6 years since this was released but it sounds just as fresh and neat now. Punky folky poppy sound throughout. It’s a record that just feels harmless. In a world where harm has been spreading this is a perfect anecdote.

It’s a record full of words, not necessarily ones to smash a system but certainly knew to make you think about your own system and thoughts. When Toby starts the record by singing “I’ve found the best words to say are the ones where you don’t say anything” it doesn’t mean we stay quiet and let the world slip by. When we are reminded that “for every action consider the consequence” it is not to prevent us from taking action but to think of what that action should be.

I love this record. It slipped through the radar and the band seemed to have dissolved out there but as long as they continue to “try and make every day a little better than yesterday” I am happy.


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