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Bernard Brogan and Kieran Shannon

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I could see what was ahead of me before I opened this book. A superb footballer like Bernard Brogan and an autobiography means one thing. A chance for him to explain his craft. I just expected it and to be honest wasn’t really looking forward to it.

I’m a huge fan of Dublin football, maybe slightly less so since I don’t have my Dad to travel to the games with me. For years we went along, his passion for the Dubs unequalled in my view. My only chance to be a rebel as a kid was to not go and see the dubs play. So, I’ve seen pretty much every game Bernard Brogan played for dublin. My dad alongside me for the most part as we spoke of the skill and tenacity of the player. Not just him but his whole family.

I remember being in Parnell Park once at a championship match Oliver Plunketts were playing. One supporter spoke badly of Brogan and his father jumped to the rescue. How off putting must it be for a parent of an amateur player to hear such rubbish being spouted. Bernard Brogan Snr would have had little opportunity to hear ill being spoken of his son as his skill was a joy to behold.

I knew that before I read this book. I have seen those scores, those passes and those decoy runs. I guess i just didn’t want to read about them.

Brogan was an amateur footballer and while his career outside sport may have been assisted with his prowess on the pitch it is amazing to think how much time and investment goes into playing at the top. Nearly as many hours as their full time job is put into the sport. Hours of craft and hard work. That’s just the starting point of success. It’s impossible without it and hearing some of the efforts to regain fitness after injury here shows the commitment Bernard put into his sport.

I’ve enjoyed pretty much every minute I’ve seen him on a pitch but I guess they are better memories than reading about it all. Having said that I will give this book to any kid who is looking to achieve their dreams. By perseverance you can get there but there will be bumps along the way and Bernard didn’t shy away from explaining these.


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