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  1. Bobby Funk – I’m a cat
  2. The Long Knives – No More Public Displays of Rage
  3. Insurgence DC – Posion Profits
  4. Dark Thoughts – Must Be Nice
  5. The Murder Capital – How The Streets Adore Me Now
  6. Afterwardness – Vessel
  7. Aerial Salad – State of Ya
  8. Reaction – Valerie Solanas and Me
  9. MC16 – Anti
  10. FatherFigures – Hissing
  11. Girls in Synthesis – Arterial movements
  12. Annas Anchor – No Room for Romantics
  13. J Robbins – Automaticity
  14. Misfortune Cookie – Lonely
  15. Kid You Not – Inside Every Cynic is a disappointed Idealist
  16. Zero Again – My World Now
  17. The Worms – Dave Is Dead
  18. Soft On Crime – You’ve Already Made Up Your Mind

Loads of songs to get through tonight so like a Ramones set it is short sharp and to the point. Bobby Funk have an album called Longing for the Bonging, 9 fast songs attacking you from start to finish.

I came across the Long Knives recently. There’s a few bands of that name so you need to do a deep search nut it will be worth it. I gave them play of the day on the blog a while back for good reason.

They remind me a bit of Insurgence DC so I picked them next. Poison Profits is from their Broken Theatre of the Absurd lp

I could listen to Dark Thoughts all day, and some days I do. I love them. I saw them live, they were amazing. Their take on the Ramones is just perfect. Honestly, dip in.

Back to Dublin now the the Murder Capital. Fontaines DC got all the established punk plaudits last year from mainstream coverage but if they weren’t around the Murder Capital would be the darlings.

Staying in Dublin Afterwardness released 2 songs recently. People from Dublin indie rock and garage legends Femaile Hercules and Pet Lamb have some together to create this sound.

Aerial Salad’s record Dirt Mall is another that got play of the day last year. A record I keep going back to for some tuneful punk rock

Reaction are from Scotland – They released their Keep It Wired album in 2018, kind of went unnoticed at the time by me in that sea of releases. Thankfully I’ve had a chance to resurrect it recently

MC 16 have done a great video for this single, it featured on the Rebellion festival weekend last year when we all sat at home and wished we were punking out in Blackpool

Father Figures have a new album out now. I’ve been listening to Doug spitting out his sardonic words in different bands since Nerve Rack in the 1980’s and he never disappoints. I like their blurb – give the album a listen, you’ll either like it or you won’t. I like it

Girls in Synthesis album Now Here’s an Echo from your future is a post punk sonic attack. Arterial Movements is taken from that album.

DIY LK is a very interesting collective operating out of Limerock in Ireland. They released a compilation of local bands doing version of their peers songs. They all appeared on the same comp. This is Annas Anchor’s version of His Master Voice No Room for Romantics.

It seems like J Robbins is having great fun with bandcamp these days. He keep s releasing songs through the medium. No albums just a song or 2 each time. Here’s his latest offering Automaticity

18 months ago Misfortune Cookie released their debut album, Danger from heavy seas. They were starting to play some gigs and i was really looking forward to getting a chance to see them live. And then all our dreams were quashed. We still have this amazing album though. And our dreams

I was put on to Iron Chic by Lloyd from Misfortune Cookie. An amazing band. One of them is in Kid You Not whos Thanks I hate you not album I picked up from Deep Elm recently. Another great sing along heartfelt record.

The newest song on tonights show is from UK Punks – Zero Again. This is from their new record out now on the prolific punk sounds of Kibou. Real fist in the air stuff

I got a tape from Hidden Bay a while ago, I haven’t played the physical cassette yet but have the download worn out (is that possible, but you know what I mean?) This is from the tape – Dave is Dead, a post punk blast.

Finishing tonight with new Dublin band Soft on Crime, straight for the garages on the north side of the city again a band with some pedigree of former acts like Pet Lamb and jubilee. So catchy

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