So another week passes as we look through updates to see what we can do and when we can do it.

I’ve enjoyed the past week, I’ve been excited to share Irish music from for those I love, radiators from space and anna’s anchor. 3 varied and really important releases. I put a couple of radio shows out, one with music mix of old and new and one of Gabfest. Myself and michael got to chat about punk rock in 1982 as we picked 10 songs from that year. A mix of favourites and ones of influence that sum up the year in punk. For me it was the compilation albums that were winning out. These were our Spotify playlist. I won a tape on a pirate radio station which introduced me to US hardcore. John Peel was a huge fave on the radio but it was so hard to get a good reception in a shared bedroom. We had some pirate radio DJs playing the more established new wave and punk songs but we were lucky to hear Dave Fanning play a band like the Dead Kennedy’s or Crass. For that we needed to go into record shops.

I’ve been delighted this week as hurling training has started back. 3 sessions in 5 days as the training ground provides such relief. It’s a complete break away from the world.

The world at the moment is in chassis. This week it’s India that awful news is poring out of. Corona virus cases and deaths are horrific. The virus is still pushing wavelike through the oceans that are countries. Vaccinations are the dam to try and stop it as the rich get vaccinated so much quicker. I look on with horror as I’ve a vested interest. A 59 year old close relative is receiving a lot of hospital treatment and recovering from illness many don’t get through. As I see pictures of smiling people barricading themselves with their vaccines I ask how come rather than saying well done. I’m happy for anyone to have relief against this devastation I’m just not ready to celebrate with them while loved ones need to be protected by the cotton wool of isolation. Does that make me a bad person?

Our local GAA club is fundraising and I’m unhappy. I see people with nothing seeking help, I see people needing oxygen or shelter or food or services that don’t exist in enough spaces. I see these as necessary for assistance not a club looking for more comfort. Does that make me cold? Or a spoiler?

We celebrated May Day with a walk on the seafront overlooking Poolbeg Towers. No March this year but many memories of walking down O Connell street past big Jim on the way by the Rosie Hackett Bridge to the James Connolly statue across the road from the remarkable plaque to the Irish Women’s Workers Union. I think of Mayfest and of trying to publicise the cause of Labour through the years. I reminisce of struggles that workers have faced and thank the starry plough that people have stood up for others in the workplace. It’s a thankless task. I know that only too well and it sure has had personal repercussions but sometimes you just have to do what you think is right.

Let’s keep on doing that friends.

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