How To Tune A Parrot
The Deathset
This Charming Man Records

So someone said once and it subsequently caught on, that Twos’s Company and Three’s a Crowd. In the context of punk rock bands I would never have felt that saying was accurate but in the case of this two piece it is spot on. The third person is not a person but a synth with drum machine that fires out the beat in a way the three johns could only dream of.

This is blistering and poppy at times. The lyrics are splattered all over the inset in different order. Just another way of keeping you on your toes as Atom and His Package takes a completely different turn.

This is their third lp, out in Europe on This Charming Man. The band have had a journey in itself so far. Starting off in Australia as a three friends listening to hip hop, punk rock and electronic music they blended all their passions to create a wacky sound touching each genre, almost simultaneously. Two moved to Baltimore and created The DeathSet. One friend (Beau Valesco) then died of an overdose and suddenly the world changed. But they continued to make music.

They moved to New York, took a break playing music and are now back with this explosion. What a return it is too. Hard to explain how good it feels listening to this record, impossible not to move to it.


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